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How to download your entire Google search history


Google has introduced a search history download feature to those web researchers and surfers who forgot to bookmark their favourite web searches.
This feature for search history was maintained last year by Google and is now released to everyone in very simple steps.

You just need to go to Google Web history ( and click on the gear icon and hit on ‘download’ and all of your search history will be downloaded in a ZIP archive.



There is a disclaimer warning which says “it is not the usual yada yada” and asks …

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How to Use jQuery’s $.ajax() Function

In our previous blog(What is AJAX and How it works ?), we discussed about AJAX and how to implement the same using jQuery.

We did try to learn the same with the help of an basic example. In this tutorial, we are going to take it from there and will try to understand about the various available parameter in ajax function. Though we can’t cover all as it is a long list which you can read here but we shall cover the important parameters.

But before that, let’s take another example.

[code lang=”js”]
var …

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What is AJAX and How it works ?

There will be hardly any web application in ear of web 2.0, which does not employ AJAX. Actually, you can’t imagine an interactive application without AJAX. AJAX is an integral part of web development stack. In this tutorial, we shall explain about AJAX and how can we implement AJAX.

Let’s start with what wikipedia says about AJAX.

1. A method for exchanging data asynchronously between browser and server, thereby avoiding page reloads. The XMLHttpRequest (XHR) object is usually used, but sometimes an IFrame object or a dynamically added tag is used instead.

2. A format for …

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What is spl_autoload_register, spl_autoload and autoload

PHP does have some awesome function which can be very handy. SPL register function is one of them, we are going to talk about.

As PHP manual says

spl_autoload_register — Register given function as __autoload() implementation

So what exactly it means ? Let’s try to understand with the help of an example.


function Autoloader($className)
require_once $path.$className.’.php';


$myObj = new MyClass();

Here we have just instantiated a class named as “MyClass” with out specifying include or require statements.

Is not it cool ? So how have we done it ? Let’s dig …

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How to Install ffmpeg-php in Ubuntu/Mint (Part-2)

As we have already learned how to install FFmpeg in previous tutorial so in this tutorial, we shall concentrate on installing and configuring ffmpeg-php.

By now, you must have learned that FFmpeg is an important tool for audio/video conversion.

You can convert a file from one format to another format with a simple command

[code]$ ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.avi [/code]

It’s quite easy. Isn’t it ?

But next question arises that how are we going to use these commands in our applications so that we can convert files from one format to another format during run …

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How to Install FFmpeg in Ubuntu/Mint 17 (Part -1)

FFmpeg is a free software project that can record, convert and stream audio and video. It is a very fast video and audio converter.

The syntax of FFmpeg’ command is

[code]ffmpeg [global_options] {[input_file_options] -i input_file} … {[output_file_options] output_file} … [/code]

You can install FFmpeg in two ways :

1. Install From Repository

2. Download Source Code and compile it.

Let’s first discuss about installing from Ubuntu Repository.

Open the terminal and Execute following commands :
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:samrog131/ppa

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg-real

In case, you don’t encounter an …

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Blink Title of Tab in Browser

Did you ever notice that sometimes your tab title gets updated on it’s own while you are browsing websites in other tab. There are many websites that do it. For eg. you shall notice that GMAIL update the title tab with counter of total number of unread email, each time you receive a new email.

It’s a good practice to notify your customer that – something has just happened which needs your attention. That way your customer would not loose that important task and you would not loose that customer. Sounds Great!!

So how do you …

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What is the difference between Character Sets, Encoding & Collations


You must have heard before about these terms – Encoding, Character Sets and Collations.

So what exactly these terms means ?

A character set is a set of symbols and encodings. We can also term character set as a list of characters with unique numbers. For example, in the Unicode character set, the number for A is 41.

A collation is a set of rules for comparing characters in a character set.

Encoding is an algorithm that translates a list of numbers to binary so it can be stored on disk. For example UTF-8 would …

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Google Now

Integrate Your Favourite Apps With GOOGLE NOW


Now you can integrate your favourite apps on Android with Google Now. Google Now is an intelligent system which helps to plan various things like the best way to reach your destination, find out about your team’s score when they are having a match. It helps you to retrieve the information intelligently based on your requirement. You can learn about Google Now by visting this site

Until recently Google Now Cards were not configured to pull data from third party apps but now you can integrate selected third apps to select from. Around 40 apps …

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What is an SQL Injection and how you can prevent an SQL injection

I still find that most of the developers are not fully aware about the SQL Injection. Whensoever, I ask questions like; what actually it is OR how can we prevent this ? , I received some mixed sort of response. So I am going flash some light on this.

What is SQL Injection

In simple terms, SQL Injection is about injecting some unwanted/malicious input in your SQL queries so that either it prevents the system to perform from what it was supposed to do OR hijack it to perform something else.

Lets take a simple example. …

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