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Business Automation software (CRM/ERP Solutions)

Calipus provides turkey and customized solutions in business automation software development. Our business software bouquet is targeted at improving business processes and work efficiency in marketing, human resource, resource planning and management, business analysis, database management and analysis, customer relationship management and operations management. We have worked in major industries such as real estate, hospitality, education, manufacturing, healthcare, travel and human resource.

Development team at Calipus has been developing business automation app on mobile and cloud technologies that are enabling businesses to optimize processes, improve work efficiency, enhance service quality, save cost, and increase overall return on investment. Calipus bespoke customized development solutions are developed with customer centric approach with focus on increasing your profitability. Our guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction commitment is targeted to excel customer delight and service quality every time with our strong business sense and IT expertise.

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  • Know Your Customer

    It is important to understand users’ psychology and needs before developing solution, Calipus do just that by conducting extensive research for understanding your requirements, organization and business model.

  • Increase Business Efficiency

    Business automation software products developed by Calipus are popular for increasing business efficiency that again enables businesses to increase ROI.

  • Data Accessibility

    With power of cloud computing and mobile technology, Calipus is working to make data highly accessible from anywhere anytime.

  • Centralized Data

    Calipus expertise in centralizing database management system allows multi-device and multi platform based business automation software to store and secure data at one place.

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