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Cost Effective E-commerce Solutions

Calipus has been working to provide cost effective e-commerce solutions without compromising on deliverables. Calipus offers from turnkey to customized e-commerce solutions that optimized with latest technologies, agile processes, innovative tools and quirky tactics. Our ecommerce development team has been the strength and support behind Calipus’ success in ecommerce industry. The state of the art infrastructure at Calipus allows our team to build the e-commerce app that is low cost and at par industry top quality.

Our process is quite simple, where we initiate research in your market which follows solution planning, taking approvals, implementation, development and deployment of the designed solution. Our competencies in OpenCart, Magento, Wordpress and other latest e-commerce CMS platforms is extended by domain expertise in e-tailing, online marketplace, automotive, real estate, e-learning, B2B and B2C industries. Furthermore, guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction and delight at Calipus is at the core of our strategy and approach.

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If you are running an e-commerce business and are not satisfied with your sales then we can help you out. We shall analyze your business process along with your e-commerce application and would suggest you accordingly. This is FREE of cost! Yes, you heard it right, it's FREE.

  • Usability Enhancement

    Calipus e-commerce web applications are designed to enhance user experience and usability to install interactivity & intuition to developed solution.

  • Performance Optimization

    E-commerce websites are prone to slow speed, bugs, ineffective shopping cart integration, high bounce rate, high cart abandonment rate and other similar issues, Calipus have expertise to overcome all these problems.

  • Landing Pages

    We are expert in designing landing pages based on latest research inputs to exponentially improve user experience design and conversion rate.

  • Internet Marketing

    In e-commerce industry, marketing is a challenge but we at Calipus are determined to turn it into engaging, high returning and delightful experience for you.

Benefits Of Choosing Us

We Deliver

  • Planned Approach

    Every business is different and idea behind every brand is different. Therefore, to develop best suitable solution with plan and strategy, we conduct in-depth study and research in your market and business model before development.

  • Retain Customers

    In e-commerce, retaining customers and building loyalty is difficult proposition. But we at Calipus has helped numerous clients to not just sell more but cross sell and increase return sales by building brand loyalty online.

  • Sell More

    Calipus has been delivering optimized solutions in ecommerce since inception. In optimization, we focus on optimizing user experience, conversion strategy, and design based upon scientific logic and recommendations that will directly enable you to sell more.

  • Reduce Operation Cost & Increase Efficiency

    By choosing Calipus, you allow your business to reduce its operation cost as we aim to provide you with low cost solution with long-term partnership. Moreover, our solution will enable you to increase efficiency by decreasing delivery time and establishing online systems for every manual function.

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