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Custom Application Development

Today businesses in dynamic and ever-changing landscapes have difficult problems to resolve and struggle with, and manage to find effective and efficient solutions of it. Custom application can offer solution to all kinds of complex business problems from managing day-to-day activities, management, big data, marketing to decision making and process monitoring. Custom developed applications will exactly target all gaps and loopholes in order to help you cross them in timely manner.

Calipus offers bespoke app development solutions, where we design and tailor software/app right according to your needs and business requirements helping you meet business objectives. Calipus domain expertise in education, hospitality, ecommerce, real estate and other large industries is enviable. We have helped range of companies to exploit the power of IT giving them opportunity to earn business value and high returns. Our experience at catering to businesses’ IT needs is extensive with 100% customer satisfaction.

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  • Detailed Analysis of Business Requirements

    Before developing any customized app solution, we do a detailed analysis of your business requirements, with aim to design the best suitable solution.

  • Feasibility Study

    Calipus conducts feasibility study to approve of the tailored solution’s success or failure rate, and results to expect, and if any possible problem that may be affect.

  • Rapid Application Development

    Our rapid application development technique is designed to develop apps within limited time with top quality following all coding and programming standards.

  • Application Prototype

    Prototypes are strategic to the IT project’s success, and at Calipus, we do not take application prototype development lightly.

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