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Since inception, Calipus has been providing Drupal CMS solutions to governments, NGOs, SMEs, medium and large corporations across the globe. Over the years of experience, perseverance and commitment to innovation, has helped Calipus to build the world-class competence in Drupal development services. Drupal CMS is an open source platform to develop websites with robust content management systems and extraordinary designs. It is a powerful platform which is empowering millions of websites and web applications on Internet freely. Moreover, a huge community of developers, coders and designers are supporting the cause of Drupal which makes Drupal highly flexible, open and extensible.

Recently, Drupal 7 has been launched which enhanced the security-frame, included many usability features and improved database access and connectivity. We’re the one of the few developers in the website development landscape to offer Drupal 7 development services. At Calipus, we’ve nurtured an environment of learning and mentoring by integrating our teams of developers, researchers, designers, executives and marketers. The integrated teams always try to learn the new key trends, technologies and techniques, and apply on the current Drupal projects in-hand efficiently. But in due course, the quality standards and our client always have the strategic discretion.

However, our integrated teams approach is a measured one where they constantly keep the client on the same plank. We ensure that our client is able to put forth his specific requirements and business needs openly. Our team leaves no stone unturned to understand client’s requirements and business environment in-depth in order to develop the best packaged solutions. Our end-to-end Drupal solutions offers all set of services from Drupal consulting, training to on-site and offsite development, customized, SEO and off-shoring. We could develop website in-house or we could send a team at the client’s site to develop the solution. We’re indeed open to all types of work environments and opportunities.

We’re also capable to provide post-implementation or installation services of support, maintenance, repairing or online marketing services. Our dedicated teams of post-implementation phase are equipped to offer the best-in-class services to help our client maintain the integrity of system intact. We also provide Internet marketing services for Drupal websites. We always ensure during the development of the website or application that it should be SEO and Social Media friendly. Therefore, we endeavor to integrate add-ons, plugins and modules to improve on-page SEO efforts. After the installation, we can shape and build Internet marketing strategy for the website. We’ve successfully done for range of clients which can be measured with their online sales or online revenue contribution.

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