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As soon as you approach us at Calipus, we try to understand your requirements in details. Thereafter taking your inputs, we brainstorm at our end with teams at Calipus and then conduct a research. The research is focused to find the relevant and updated information that will help us design the best and right solution for you in your budget within specified time. Through out the course, our approach is customer centric, where your involvement and your organization’s are strategic.


After completing the first phase, we implement the designed solution and resultant product is called prototype. We develop this prototype to show case the list of discussed features and functionalities. This prototype exhibits all cases and scenario that end product will have so to make sure that we stand by same boat as client does. If prototype do not meet client's expectation, then we implement the required changes, and the process continues until desired results are achieved. After taking the final approval of the prototype, we move to third phase.


As we move to this step, we have a very clear picture that what we are going to develop. Coding/development phase begins here. The approved prototype with blueprint is implemented for final development. Here our development team takes the seat with testing team to develop the top quality, seamless and impeccable solution. The focus here is to deliver the solution in time within pre-decided budget.


Lastly the deployment phase begins after completing the development part with promised quality. We deploy the application to your server along with setting up of all necessary libraries for smooth running of application. We at Calipus, work with your team during deployment, where we endeavor to train your team to handle the system. We ensure that your teams are capable and trained to use developed solution. However, our long-term support allows us to help your team to resolve any issues and problems occurring at later date.

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