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Interactive E-learning Solutions

In education industry, it is a challenge to transform traditional pedagogy to interactive e-learning environment. Today it is need of the time to digitally transform education system to make learning fun and entertaining. You need a digital partner to get things rolling. Calipus is expert at developing interactive e-learning solutions for variety of verticals in education industry. By choosing us, you get years of experience with opportunity to avail quality services at low cost.

At Calipus our team for interactive e-learning solutions is consisted of developers and instructional designers. Both work in tandem to develop e-learning solutions that meets the requirements exactly as they are. Our experience at helping educational institutes is extensive, where we have developed e-learning IT solutions for kids in the range of 6-12 to students in colleges and corporate training courses. With highly competitive quality our e-learning solutions are affordable and innovative.

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We Deliver

  • Cost Reduction

    Calipus agile development process is improved to reduce cost at all stages of development. With modular programming cost reduces even further and time to development.

  • Learning For Kids

    We have special package for interactive e-learning solutions for Kids. Our clients have successfully using our solution to impart learning both online and offline to Kids.

  • Online Courses

    Calipus has helped e-learning companies to conduct online courses through websites or apps with proper systems embedded to manage learning online.

  • Online Product Demos

    Calipus also provides online product demos, where we design instructions and develop content to engage target audience and impart product education online.

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