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Calipus agile development process is engineered to develop robust software products with uncompromising quality simultaneously reducing time to market period. Whether is developing IT software product for educational institutes for administration or real estate for managing business and construction, Calipus have catered to major industries. We are capable to help you overcome today’s challenges comprising of latest technological advances, business requirements and demands and business landscapes.

Calipus more than 100+ customers are happy and satisfied with our services, to whom we have provided with software products to enhance efficiency and productivity with profitability in their business environment. Our customer centric combined with research-oriented approach targets reduce your cost at all levels, improve processes and proactively contribute to your revenue generation activities. Calipus over years have developed competencies in cloud computing, mobile technology, IT systems and architecture with domain expertise in industries such as real estate, education, e-commerce and others.

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  • Agile Development

    Calipus development process is based on agile concept, where we focus on optimizing process without sacrificing on testing and quality. Our developed applications always meet standard coding rules, IT framework and architectural requirements.

  • Scalable Architecture

    We at Calipus ensure that each developed software product have scalable architecture empowering long lasting performance, high quality, effectiveness and longevity.

  • Branding & Marketing

    Calipus branding and marketing for software products is aimed to help you reach target audience in time bound manner without spending large sum.

  • Timely Delivery

    Calipus has impeccable service record of delivering developed software products always in time within budget and with best in class quality. Calipus is committed to keep its timely delivery record blotless.

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