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Web Application Development

Calipus is the web application development service provider based in India which offers complete web app solutions developed on popular platforms with powerful tools. We always assign dedicated team of developers and designers that develop high-quality, intuitive and innovative apps which are fully compatible with smart phones, tablets and desktops. Our extensive experience and competencies combined with research conducted behind each web app developed enable us to always offer the best-in-class solutions.

Our engagement start from you and your business requirements by doing detailed analysis, using which we set short and long term goals of the project. We analyze your requirements and perform a thorough research of your business system along with your target audience and market. Thereafter, we anticipate your actual business requirements based on accurate facts and figures and research. We always provide a dedicated project manager or business analyst in order to give you only single touch point to convey all your changes, communications and others effectively to dedicated team of developers. At regular intervals team progress is analyzed and all feedback is appropriately noted and implemented, and client is encouraged to performance proactive role in these team meetings.

Benefits Of Choosing Us

We Deliver

  • Scalable Architecture

    We deliver scalable architecture so that you can scale your business when it is required

  • Agile & Pragmatic Decision Making

    Calipus Software' Agile development process reduces the launching time of the product and as well as cost of the product.

  • Best User Experience

    Our pixel perfect design delivers a great user experience for your user.

  • Roadmap To Achieve Goals

    We create a detailed plan and follow the same to achieve optimum results.

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