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Managing, handling and maintaining website is not just tiring but requires certain set of expertise for seamless and smoother functioning of website. If you choose an expert to maintain then that expert has to be your reliable partner with extensive resources to meet your businesses and website requirements. Calipus website maintenance services are designed to manage, handle, control and maintain your website functioning, requirements, errors and issues.

Calipus has been providing end-to-end maintenance services to large to small companies from various industries. Our maintenance services include optimization, integration, development, deployment, marketing, branding, designing and other allied services. Our packaged solutions are cost effective. All you have to do is to just choose and relax, and rest Calipus will take care of everything. We will ensure that your website performs on all parameters and help you achieve your business and marketing objectives without any hassle.

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We Deliver

  • Improves Application Stability.

    Calipus ensures your applications is always on and stable with minimal or near zero downtime. Moreover, our active monitoring processes are capable to allow users to have smoother experience every time.

  • Upgrades and Patches

    Are you struggling with any new upgrades and patches? Do you not want to free yourselves from this struggle in future? Then Calipus’ maintenance solution you need.

  • Application Enhancements

    APIs integrations, website and app enhancements are strategic for improving user engagement and experience. Calipus expert services will allow you to stay carefree for any future updates and integrations.

  • 24x7 Support & Maintenance

    In order to be reliable and efficient digital partner, Calipus offers you 24X7 support and maintenance services throughout the year. We ensure that your web app is live and running even on Christmas and New Year.

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