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Zend Application Development

Calipus offers PHP and Zend Framework integrated development solutions to develop customizable, highly secure, efficient, extensible and enterprise-ready website and web applications. We at Calipus have team of PHP experts and professionals that are trained in Zend Framework to create the best-in-class website. The Zend Framework which is an open source framework is entirely written in PHP web development platform. It helps to develop high performing, high-quality, flexible, enterprise-ready, extensible, and secure web application. It works on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that enables separate components or module development that makes web applications easily customizable, flexible and secure. Some of the popular Zend Framework users are BBC, Cisco, BNP Paribas, and Shaklee etc.

At Calipus, we've PHP experts and professionals specially trained in Zend Framework, and with years of experience in development including Zend Framework. We've skills and capabilities to develop portable, highly flexible and extensible web applications. By extensible we mean the web applications that can support many devices. This attribute essentially helps to develop similar web experience on mobile and desktop effectively thereby integrating your online strategy on all devices. Furthermore, Calipus endeavors to keep Zend Framework web applications flexible and customizable. Therefore, if you’ve any additional plans to re-brand in future or change web application at regular intervals then modular form of web application will enable to disperse or integrate it at will. This attribute is not common among other frameworks or platform therefore Zend Framework is the most preferable framework to keep web application flexible and easily customizable.

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We Deliver

  • Easy Maintenance and Deployment

    Application developed in Zend are easy to maintain and deployment is also no brainer.

  • Tested & Well Documented Code

    Zend Framework is well tested and documented framework so there are no chances of any break up.

  • Completely Object Oriented

    Zend Framework has been built on architecture which is purely Object Oriented.

  • Scalable Architecture

    Zend Framework's is scalable enought to cater any sort of expansion requirements.

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